Leaked roadmap shows CDMA NFC BlackBerry launch dates

BlackBerry tracking site CrackBerry has got hold of a confidential RIM presentation describing the company’s CDMA product introduction plans for 2011.

The presentation confirms RIM‘s commitment to including near field communication in future devices but it will be the third quarter of 2011 before the first CDMA NFC BlackBerry appears on the market. All the phones marked on the roadmap as due to launch from then onwards, however, feature NFC:

  • Q3 2011: Monaco Touch and Montana. The Montana is expected to be the new BlackBerry Bold Touch and the GSM version will be known as Dakota.
  • Q3/4 2011: Sedona. This is the next generation BlackBerry Curve and the GSM version will be called Apollo.
  • Q4 2011/Q1 2012: Malibu. This is expected to be a touchscreen BlackBerry Curve.

Readers can see full details of the expected features of each of these new NFC-enabled phones on CrackBerry’s website.

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