Poken launches NFC social networking and offers platform

The new service lets consumers connect online with people they meet in the real world, receive and share offers and rewards, and collect information from tags and smart posters via either an NFC phone or a low cost NFC-enabled Poken device.

POKEN: ‘Collect people, places and things’

Poken has launched an NFC social networking platform that includes a range of loyalty, payment and access control capabilities as well as its established social media solution.

“Poken’s NFC-based platform will allow users to quickly collect people, places and things — with a simple touch — viewing them in a dynamic timeline so you remember whom you met, or what you collected, where and when,” the company explains.

“Poken’s platform also allows users to share with friends what they collected, add comments, and spread special deals — all with just a touch, avoiding tedious searching and making sharing extremely easy. Poken also offers an API for easy integration into third-party websites.”


The new NFC platform can be used by consumers equipped with an NFC phone or by owners of new NFC-compliant versions of the company’s distinctive stand-alone USB devices. These have been developed in conjunction with NFC chip supplier NXP and the first prototypes of the new products were on show at the Wima conference and exhibition in Monaco last week.

The NFC Pokens combine an NXP NFC core and Poken’s ultra low-power 32-bit microprocessor.

“We are very excited about this collaboration with NXP,” says Stéphane Doutriaux, founder and CEO of Poken. “I believe that this will accelerate the integration of the smart card and NFC worlds within social media, allowing for clever new features. I’m thrilled by this opportunity to power existing NFC/contactless services with our social capabilities… This will enhance the user experience, and make it fun and cool.”

“Social networking has changed how people communicate with each other for both work and pleasure,” adds NXP’s Henri Ardevol. “Our collaboration with Poken on NFC opens not only a bridge between the virtual and physical worlds, and also enables new application fields such as retail for example through intuitive sharing of offers with your friends.”

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