Verayo hires former PayPal mobile chief for move into NFC security market

Verayo has announced the appointment of Eric Duprat, former general manager of mobile at PayPal, as its chief executive officer as it seeks to bring its ‘silicon biometrics’ technology to market.

Verayo CEO Eric Duprat
DUPRAT: CEO at Verayo

Verayo’s Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology is based on “random, unavoidable and unpredictable variations in the IC fabrication process” and enables a unique digital signature to be created for individual silicon chips. These unique characteristics of each chip can then be used, for example, to produce NFC tags that can prove to product buyers that the item they are embedded in is authentic and has not been counterfeited.

“Mobile and NFC technologies stand at the intersection of the online world and the physical world, presenting us with new challenges and new opportunities,” Duprat explains. “I look forward to driving the company’s vision of becoming an essential technology for enabling trusted mobile devices and NFC commerce by ensuring the authenticity of the people and devices involved.”

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