Razorfish picks NFC as one of its top 5 marketing technologies to watch

Razorfish, one of the world’s top digital marketing agencies, has released a report that includes NFC as one of the top five technologies that marketers should now be watching closely.

AGENCY: 'NFC has the potential to ignite billions of dollars of incremental revenue'

In Razorfish 5: Five Technologies That Will Transform Your Business, the agency said: “One of the most exciting areas of innovation is around NFC… [which] will usher in a whole new way of interacting with our devices and it’s not just for payment: Think of the implications for couponing, added-value information from merchants, and so forth.

“In June 2007, a slide in a Razorfish client presentation painted a bleak picture for NFC. So what has changed in four years? Apple, Google and Facebook. NFC figures in the immediate plans of these uber-disruptors and that means it’s important for everyone to learn the ins and outs of the technology and what it means for commerce, marketing and privacy.

“In the hands of those companies, NFC yields a much broader opportunity than what arises from contact-free nature of mobile payments and a slice of merchants’ transaction fees. Payments aside, NFC has the potential to ignite billions of dollars of incremental revenue from mobile marketing services.”

Along with NFC, Razorfish identifies the following technologies as ones for marketing departments to monitor and utilise:

  • Touch or motion interfaces, such as tablets and gaming consoles;
  • Open APIs;
  • Cloud-based tools and techniques to translate data;
  • Cloud-based software to replace hardware

The full report can be seen at www.razorfish5.com.

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