‘America’s largest wireless carrier’ to deploy Mobile Tag’s NFC and 2D barcode advertising platform

Mobile Tag has signed a deal to provide its NFC and 2D barcode advertising platform to “America’s largest wireless carrier.” This is likely to be Verizon Wireless, although Mobile Tag has declined to confirm to NFC World the identity of its customer.


William Hoffman, CEO of Mobile Tag Inc, said the partnership gave “a clear advantage to help brands connect to consumers in an easy and intuitive way.

“In my opinion, the partnership has ‘cracked the code’ on how to connect businesses of all sizes directly with consumers of all ages and tastes, using commonplace technology like barcodes or advanced technology like NFC tags combined with your ever-present cell phone.”

The Atlanta-based mobile barcode and NFC marketing specialist has now also closed a US$8.2million financing deal.

Domenico Surace, founder and CEO of parent Mobile Tag Group, said the finance allowed the firm to “affirm Mobile Tag’s position as a leader and increase both its commercial and technical influence”.

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  1. America’s largest wireless carrier is AT&T/T-Mobile due to their recent merger. Verizon is not in the money here. The Mobile Tag deal is with AT&T 🙂

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