Frankfurt transport network gets NFC and QR Code smart posters

Passengers on Frankfurt’s U-Bahn commuter services will be able to access a range of travel information services via smart posters located in each carriage.

FRANKFURT: QR Codes and NFC link passengers to web-based travel information

RMV (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund), the transport authority for the Frankfurt region’s bus, train and underground services, and VGF (Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main), Frankfurt’s transport operator, have begun a six month pilot test of NFC and 2D barcode-enabled smart posters.

The posters, known as Info-Modules, are being placed in carriages on the U1, U2, U3, U4 and U5 lines on Frankfurt’s U-Bahn underground railway and also on the Ebbelwei Express sightseeing tram service.

The posters build on RMV’s existing network of ConTags, situated at train stations and other transport locations around Frankfurt, which allow travellers equipped with an NFC phone to access travel information services by quickly opening a connection to RMV’s mobile ticketing website.

On the U-Bahn the Info-Module smart posters, supplied by TagAge in Finland, provide a link to real time travel information and access to information about transport connections, special events and points of interest as well as details of special offers for holders of the RMV Erlebnis (Adventure) Card.

On the Ebbelwei Express, meanwhile, a full electronic sightseeing tour is also available, allowing passengers to access photos and descriptions of the sights to be seen along the line.

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