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Bling Nation signs up additional Colorado bank for mobile contactless payments

Community State Bank in Lamar, Colorado has become the latest local bank to offer Bling Nation’s sticker-based mobile contactless payments service to its customers.

Community State Bank’s implementation includes a strong customer loyalty element with customers receiving five percent in Shop Local Rewards Points with every Bling transaction they make, up to $100.00. The points can then be used at any local business that accepts Bling.

“As a community bank, we are deeply invested in our customers and our local economy,” says the bank’s Kirk Crespin. “Our products and services focus on meeting and even anticipating our customer’s financial needs. Now, with Bling Nation’s tap and pay service through mobile phones, our personal and business customers can make and receive payments with greater ease and less risk of fraud or theft.”

“Bling keeps money circulating within Lamar and at a lower cost for business than credit cards,” he added. “Our customers have been excited about this program, and our community has shown that they truly appreciate our efforts to support our local businesses, consumers and economy.”

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