Industry players to develop standardized NFC API for Android devices

Trusted Logic has announced a new initiative to provide an open, standardized API for building NFC functionality into Android devices.

“Trusted Logic and its partners have initiated a standardization effort for the NFC Android API to provide the industry with a widely accepted and proven solution,” the company explains. “The goal is to drive a smooth evolution of the emerging NFC market towards open source application frameworks, which requires a mature NFC Android API proposal in order to become integrated in the Android base line.”

The company announced last week that it has introduced a new version of its Trusted NFC software platform for mobile devices that includes an updated NFC interface for Android applications.

The new features include the support of an Android NFC Service Manager, which handles key features such as an NFC control user interface and multiple application handling. Trusted Logic has also integrated controlled access to UICC and Secure Elements from Android applications in order to completely address NFC payment use cases.

An NFC Android reference implementation has also now been successfully validated with NXP’s PN544 NFC controller, says Trusted Logic. “With this reference implementation Trusted Logic enables NFC integration with the most common operating systems and facilitates the integration process for handset manufacturers.”

Trusted NFC is a complete software suite that includes a generic protocol stack for device host processors as well as firmware specific to NFC controllers and NFC SIMs. The first Trusted NFC version was released in 2008 and the first reference implementation on Android was released in November 2009.

“NXP is pleased to see Trusted Logic providing a complete solution for Android phones based on the NXP NFC host SW stack,” says Henri Ardevol, general manager of secure transactions at NXP Semiconductors. “NXP supports this initiative to standardize the NFC Android API, which enables an immediate and mature roll-out of NFC on Android phones.”

“Trusted NFC is now reaching maturity, as it has been through several cycles of design review with our partners,” adds Dominique Bolignano, President of Trusted Logic. “We are keen to collaborate with leading industry players to support standardization initiatives that ensure interoperability in the NFC ecosystem, as per our customers’ expectations.”

Specifications for the NFC Android API are directly available from Trusted Logic.

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