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Gemalto adds mobile coupons to its NFC products

Gemalto has announced a partnership with leading coupon specialist HighCo that will see the company adding mobile coupons to its NFC Trusted Service Manager (TSM) offering.

Using an application in the mobile phone, users will connect to HighCo’s servers to select and download mobile coupons over the air. The coupons will then be securely stored in the consumer’s SIM card. At the point of sale, contactless terminals will communicate directly with the application stored in the SIM to automatically select and use any eligible coupons.

“Mobile coupons are a powerful marketing tool in promoting the right product to the right audience, thereby boosting sales,” says Rémi De Fouchier, senior vice president of trusted services management at Gemalto. “With this partnership, Gemalto is enriching its Trusted Service Manager offer with mobile NFC couponing services that perfectly complement its solutions for payment and transport.”

“Our aim in partnering with Gemalto is to use NFC technology to enhance the end-user experience by making e-coupons easier to store and use,” says Valérie Piotte, general manager of HighCo. The compnay produced six billion coupons last year.

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