Vivotech launches contactless POS terminals with built-in mobile marketing functions

Vivotech has introduced a new range of contactless POS terminals that come with a built in ability to delivery mobile marketing and promotional programmes as well as prepaid and gift card acceptance and support for digital receipts.

The new Vivopay 8800 and Vivopay 8600 terminals can be used to deliver personalized coupons and offers to customers’ mobile phones and to redeem mobile coupons and promotions electronically using contactless or magnetic stripe cards, contactless stickers or NFC-enabled mobile phones.

“The widespread use of mobile smart phones and contactless NFC technologies by consumers is changing how they expect to shop and pay,” says Mohammad Khan, president and founder of Vivotech. “The Vivopay 8000 series, along with Vivotech mobile promotion and mLoyalty software, will enable merchants to be equipped accordingly and deliver the high-value shopping experience their customers expect, while providing interactive and creative up-sell opportunities.”

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