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Blaze customers access their mobile wallets nine times a day

Blaze Mobile, the US mobile banking and mobile wallet services provider, has revealed that its active users are now accessing their Blaze Mobile Wallets an average of nine times a day.

The Blaze Mobile Wallet gives customers access to a variety of services such as performing mobile banking functions, purchasing movie tickets and paying bills. Since April 2009, customers have also been able to make payments via the Blaze Mobile MasterCard PayPass, a contactless sticker-based prepaid card issued by MetaBank. The company is now also working with Tetherball to enable customers to use their mobile wallet to collect and redeem mobile rewards and coupons and to make purchases using their mobile phone.

Over 50% of Blaze Mobile customers now use the service to view their account balance and receipts, the company reports. “The ability to safely & securely access your bank balances on your cell phone is critical to today’s busy professional,” says Blaze Mobile’s CEO Michelle Fisher. “The usage data supports our belief that mobile banking will continue to gain traction with working professionals and young bank customers.”

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