Blaze Mobile adds Tetherball’s loyalty system to the Blaze Wallet

Blaze Mobile and Tetherball are to provide US consumers with the ability to both redeem mobile rewards and coupons and make purchases using their mobile phone.

Blaze Wallet users already have the option of using a Blaze Mobile Prepaid MasterCard PayPass sticker to make payments using their phone at the point-of-sale. Now they will be able to use the same sticker to both make payments and receive/redeem offers from retailers such as Dairy Queen that are already using Tetherball’s contactless mobile marketing solution.

To redeem an offer, the consumer simply holds their cell phone, with the Blaze Sticker on the back of the phone, near the POS device at the check out stand. Once the offer is validated in real-time, the consumer holds their cell phone near the POS device once again to pay for their purchase.

“The mobile coupon and rewards solution that Tetherball provides is a great catalyst for getting consumers into the store and the contactless payment solution that Blaze Mobile provides a simple and convenient way for customers to pay for their purchases,” saysMichelle Fisher, CEO of Blaze Mobile.

“We are thrilled that Blaze Mobile will include the Tetherball Rewards loyalty application on their platform,” added Scott Yancey, CEO of Tetherball. “Now consumers can participate in a mobile loyalty program and make payment with one mobile device.”

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