Juniper: One in six phones to have NFC by 2014

The global gross transaction value for NFC will exceed $110bn in 2014, driven by both payments and retail transactions such as coupons, and one in six mobile phones will be equipped to handle near field communication, according to a new report from Juniper Research.

“Our research found that both the business model and the rollout of POS (Point of Sale) NFC readers at merchant locations are issues that need solving – depending on the country,” says Howard Wilcox, the author of NFC Mobile Payments & Marketing Opportunities: Forecasts & Analysis 2009 – 2014. “As these are overcome NFC is poised to enter an operational build up phase culminating in mass service rollouts across many countries, typically in metro areas driven by transport ticketing.”

The report includes six year forecasts across eight regions of the world, for shipments of NFC enabled devices and interim NFC solutions, NFC devices in use for payments, transactions traffic, NFC transaction value and coupons and smart poster ARPU.

The report costs £1,750 for a single user license and readers can also download a white paper based on the report’s findings from Juniper’s website free of charge.

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