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Trusted Logic makes it easier to add NFC to Android phones

Trusted Logic has launched an NFC protocol stack for Google Android mobile devices, making it easier for Android device manufacturers to integrate NFC into their handsets and enabling mobile applications to use NFC connectivity built into future Android phones. Interfaces for developing applications in both native and Java are included in the new solution, which builds on Trusted Logic’s existing JSR257 interface for J2ME/MIDP applications.

“Trusted NFC can be ported on any mobile operating system,” says the company. “Trusted Logic facilitates and speeds up the integration process by offering reference implementations on the main operating systems, such as the one on Android that is now available. Reference implementations are available on PC simulation environments such as the Android emulator as well as on various mobile platforms, using the NXP PN544 NFC controller as the reference for validation. Trusted Logic also tests the reference implementations’ interoperability with smart cards and smart labels from different suppliers.”

“Trusted NFC is a key element of Trusted Logic’s vision in the deployment of value-added services on mobile handsets,” says Dominique Bolignano, President of Trusted Logic. “By using reference implementations such as Trusted NFC on Android, our customers can launch products earlier and more efficiently. They also benefit from our deep understanding of how their customers use the technology.”

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