Arygon launches NFC reader platform

NFC and RFID reader module specialist Arygon Technologies has launched a high speed NFC reader hardware and software platform that includes compatibility with both Mifare and FeliCa as standard and can be upgraded to include compatibility with payment card standards as an additional option.


“The highly flexible Arygon High-Speed NFC Reader Platform meets nearly all future requirements of market-specific cost, feature (speed, security, interoperability etc), standard and application needs, while additionally being future-proof with its field-upgradable firmware functionality,” says Frank Steigberger, director of sales at Arygon Technologies.

“It uniquely offers OEM RFID providers the opportunity to grow with their evolving customer infrastructure and application needs,” Steigberger explains, since “it already complies with all major existing payment infrastructures and card standards offering full interoperability, and in addition also offers sufficient reserves to implement future system enhancements in regard to higher security and NFC usage without exchanging reader infrastructure.”

“This will save costs for servicing, upgrading and maintaining RFID reader infrastructures”, adds Bodo Ischebeck, Arygon’s CEO.

“The new Arygon High-Speed NFC Reader family is highly flexible and based on a high-performance ARM processor, giving high-speed de-/encryption and the fastest data response times between system and transponder in the market,” says Arygon. “This means the new Arygon reader is ideally suited for payment, point-of-sales/POS, public transport, ticketing, secure ID, PKI, mobile and NFC applications.”

Reference samples are now available for evaluation.

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