Retail marketing will drive growth of NFC market, says Juniper

Retailers using NFC for mobile coupon and smart poster applications will be key drivers of the growth of near field communication over the next three years, according to a market study published last month by Juniper Research.

Overall, NFC Mobile Payments & Marketing Opportunities, Forecasts & Analysis 2009 – 2014 predicts that NFC mobile payment transaction values will grow from $8bn in 2009 to $30bn within three years.

“Many people focus on the use of NFC for payments but in fact it is poised to revolutionise the way many people shop too,” says the report’s author, Howard Wilcox. “The ability to tap smart posters and receive coupons and product information also presents new channels to market for merchants. Whilst vendors see widespread availability of NFC phones in future, the jury is out as whether interim solutions will attract users or actually have a detrimental effect.”

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