Globul to launch mobile contactless service in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian telecoms operator Globul has launched a pilot of a new mobile wallet service, ahead of a commercial launch in 2010.

As well as a full range of mobile payments functions, “every subscriber who activates the Mobile Wallet service can also receive a special microchip for contactless payments which allows to make payments of up to BGN 20 via the designated devices in commercial chains without having to type the PIN code,” according to Globul’s official announcement.

The project was jointly developed with SEP Bulgaria, a consortium of companies working on the development of “a unified national system for electronic payments based on a combination of mobile telephones and GPRS point-of-sale terminals,” as well as two banks, Alliantz Bank Bulgaria and Post Bank, and with the participation of a number of “commercial chains.”

If you are involved in the project or have any further information on the technology being used by Globul, please leave a comment or email me — we will be updating this article with detailed information on the project as soon as we can.

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