Payez Mobile updates NFC specifications

AEPM, the Association Européenne Payez Mobile, has updated the technical specifications for Payez Mobile, the NFC solution developed by the leading French banks and mobile operators that has been on test in the French towns of Caen and Strasbourg since November 2007 (see our earlier article).

The new Version 2.1 of the Payez Mobile specification incorporates the latest GlobalPlatform specifications and follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between AEPM and GlobalPlatform in July.

Initial activity by GlobalPlatform and AEPM has been focused on developing the required specifications to enable a user to select which mobile payment service they want to use and when.

“While AEPM will benefit from GlobalPlatform’s UICC Configuration activity and other technical advances within this area, AEPM’s extensive trials in Europe offer us significant insight into how this technology has engaged with end-users in real-life situations,” explains Sébastien Tormos, Chairman of GlobalPlatform.

Readers can download the full Payez Mobile specifications from AEPM’s website.

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