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Inside Contactless adds NFC to MobiNear’s Box kiosks

Proximity and NFC specialist MobiNear has signed a technology partnership agreement with Inside Contactless. The deal will see Inside’s NFC reader modules being added to MobiNear’s kiosk solution, enabling consumers to use their contactless transportation cards or NFC-enabled mobile phones to access MobiNear’s PayGo platform for a broad range of payment, loyalty, access control and identification services.

“With Inside’s NFC technology built in, MobiNear’s kiosk and platform are now compatible with the millions of contactless transit passes — including five million in the Paris area alone — and NFC-enabled mobile phones already in use to provide micro-payments, loyalty, gift cards, coupons and access keys,” explains Bertrand Moussel, vice president of sales EMEA, at Inside Contactless.

“Inside’s NFC reader module provided a turnkey solution we were able to easily integrate into our MobiNear Box,” added Christian Chabrerie, founder and CEO of MobiNear. “This significantly reduced the development time and cost required to add NFC capabilities to our platform.”

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