€5,000 in prize money offered for NFC-based city game concepts

The Vienna Jungle Scrum developer challenge, run by Touchatag and Mobilkom A1, is on the hunt for a top NFC-based city game with both prize money and the chance to see your game get made and played for real up for grabs.

LET'S PLAY TAG: Design a game for Vienna and win
LET'S PLAY TAG: Design a game for Vienna and win

Touchatag and Austrian mobile operator Mobilkom A1 have launched a developer challenge aimed at finding a winning NFC-based city game. €5,000 in prize money is on offer for the best game concepts and the overall winner’s game will also get to be made and played.

But those interested in taking part in the Vienna Jungle Scrum developer challenge must abide by the following rules:

  1. The game must incorporate at least five separate physical locations in Vienna
  2. Preferential consideration will be given to games that emphasize the following attributes:
    • Education about Viennese history or culture
    • Creative use of the city’s features and attractions in gameplay
    • Clarity of gameplay and rules
    • Inter-team cooperation
    • Fun
  3. The game must require the use of NFC tags as a key part of the game interaction
  4. All NFC tags must use the Touchatag online service in some way
  5. The total time required to complete the game must be less than 90 minutes (including travel time between sites)
  6. The game must require no more than €5 total (per player or team member) to complete, including any transportation costs (such as taxis) incurred during the game
  7. The game must not require or encourage contestants to perform acts that are illegal, unethical, outside the norms of social acceptability, or require undue personal endangerment (In other words, use good judgement)

If you’d like to take part, you will need to get to work straight away as the closing date for entries is 9 September. You can submit your entry here.

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