NFC Forum adds new, lower cost membership for Implementers

The new ‘Implementers’ category halves the cost of membership for companies looking to build NFC solutions.

NEW TIER: The NFC Forum now has a membership level for system implementers
NEW TIER: The NFC Forum now has a membership level for system implementers

The NFC Forum has added a new membership category designed to meet the needs of companies implementing NFC solutions.

The new Implementer membership level costs US$5,000 a year, half the previous lowest membership fee, and is targeted at companies looking to implement NFC solutions rather than those needing to become directly involved in the development of NFC technical specifications.

Implementer level members are entitled to participate in NFC Forum marketing events and Plugfests, attend and participate in Marketing Committee Working Group, Plenary and Task Force meetings, review pre-release drafts of specifications during the committee review period, have access to member resources and will also receive member discounts on product certification costs.

“No one knows more about customer needs and best practices than the companies that deliver NFC solutions around the world every day,” says Koichi Tagawa, chairman of the NFC Forum. “The Implementer level brings NFC Forum membership within reach of these organizations, and as we work together to build the future of NFC, their knowledge and expertise should prove to be very valuable.”

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