Inside and Gemalto offer NFC solution for handset makers

The new product offering uses the Single Wire Protocol to securely link a Gemalto SIM card with an embedded secure element from Inside Contactless.

Gemalto and Inside Contactless have announced the availability of an NFC solution for handset makers and mobile operators that fully complies with the latest ETSI standards, including the Single Wire Protocol (SWP), and with the GSM Association’s Pay-Buy-Mobile requirements. Tested at 1.6Mbps, the two companies say it is the first full-speed SWP solution to support proximity payments, transport and ticketing.

The new solution uses the Single Wire Protocol to link the latest Gemalto UpTeq 300 m-NFC SIM card with a new Inside Contactless MicroRead NFC chip, embedded in the user’s mobile handset.

“Offering open, standardized solutions is key to the sustainable take-off of mobile contactless services,” says Jérôme Sion, director of mobile contactless activities at Gemalto. “Following a number of successful pilot programs around the world, always very well received by consumers, we are now entering the time of broad commercial NFC business.”

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