Gemalto and Oberthur developing Mifare on a SIM

Both suppliers have announced they are close to adding Mifare functionality to their SIM cards.

Gemalto, with NXP and Infineon, has demonstrated a mobile contactless solution compliant with both the Single Wire Protocol (SWP) standard and existing Mifare installations.

“Being compatible with Mifare, in addition to all the ISO 14443 contactless infrastructures, the solution will enable users to benefit from any contactless service on his/her mobile phone,” says the official announcement. “For example, users will be able to travel across various cities, pay in shops, access their company premises and benefit from loyalty programs by simply tapping their mobile phone.”

The demonstration used a handset with an embedded NFC controller from NXP and a Gemalto SWP SIM card incorporating an Infineon flash microcontroller compatible with Mifare Classic technology.

Oberthur Technologies, meanwhile, says it has completed interoperability tests between NXP’s PN544 NFC Controller and its Mifare Classic-compatible Opera FlyBuy NFC SIM cards. “With its multi-application and remote management capabilities, Opera FlyBuy NFC SIM cards from Oberthur Technologies offer the highest level of flexibility to mobile network operators (MNOs) and convenience of contactless technology to the end-customers,” says Xavier Drilhon, managing director of Oberthur’s card systems division.

“With this Mifare-compatible SIM card on the mobile phone, anyone travelling from Beijing to London will have the convenience of using transport services where Mifare technology has been deployed,” he added.

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