Turkey moves towards multi-bank, multi-operator NFC pilot

A one year NFC pilot is to take place in Turkey from January 2009, coordinated by the national card payments clearing centre BKM. Nine banks and two mobile operators are reported to have already signed up to take part…

Turkey’s national card payments clearing centre BKM (Bankalararasi Kart Merkezi, which means ‘interbank card centre’) will be conducting a one year multi-bank, multi-operator, multi-handset NFC pilot test from January 2009, reports financial website Finextra. Nine banks and two of the country’s three mobile operators have already agreed to participate.

“BKM will act as the trusted service provider,” BKM’s Pelin Kabalak explained. “Our independence is key as we will support any form of NFC device and any bank or mobile operator that wants to join the scheme.”

The NFC trial will start “with several thousand consumers participating,” Finextra reports.

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