Consumers to get option to personalise their digital payment cards

Yimba personalised digital payment cards
PERSONAL TOUCH: Customers may soon be able to upload their own images to their digital cards

Consumers may soon be able to personalise the payment cards stored in their digital wallets by uploading their own pictures or images of their favourite sports teams, charities and retail brands to them.

The digital card art solution is being developed with support from Google Pay and Mastercard to encourage the use of mobile wallets by enabling consumers to personalise their digital cards just as they would a physical one.

“Financial institutions and retailers have already recognised that customers want to change their physical plastic, but have no means to extend that choice to their digital wallet,” says Robert Dowd of Yimba, the technology provider developing the solution with Banking-as-a-Service platform Railsbank

“Market tests have shown that there is strong user uptake when presented with the card personalisation option.”

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