Carrefour opens checkout-free store in Dubai

Man enters checkout free Carrefour in Dubai
AUTO PAYMENT: Customers do not need to queue at a checkout — they pick the items they want and exit

Consumers in Dubai can now use an app to gain access to Majid al Futtaim’s Carrefour City+ store in the Mall of the Emirates, select the products they want to purchase without needing to scan them and pay for them on their mobile phone without interacting with staff or using a checkout.

The store uses a system of cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to track each customer’s activity, identify the products they choose and add them to that customer’s digital shopping basket.

Once they have left the store, customers are automatically charged for their purchases via the retailer’s app.

Majid al Futtaim has integrated “state of the art technology to identify thousands of products with pinpoint accuracy” into its first automated checkout-free store to provide “a fast, seamless and contactless experience” for customers and improve inventory management.

“Store access and shopping payment is enabled via the current MAF Carrefour App,” the company says.

“Once inside Carrefour City+, every item picked up by customers will then be automatically added to a digital shopping basket and the purchase will be completed by simply walking out.

“Not only is the shopping journey faster, but also completely contactless, with no store staff interaction necessary.”

Carrefour stores run by Majid Al Futtaim across the United Arab Emirates began enabling customers to scan their purchases and pay for them in-store using its Mobile Scan&Go feature integrated into the retailer’s app in December 2020.

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