Apple Pay to launch in Argentina and Peru ‘soon’

Apple Pay logo with iPhone on Argentina and Peru site
LAUNCH PENDING: The rollout of Apple Pay in Argentina and Peru looks imminent

Apple Pay is due to roll out in Argentina and Peru “soon”, according to the payments service’s Latin American website.

The website does not specify when the service will become available in either country, but does now include the phrase “Próximamente en Argentina y Perú”.

The move comes after Peru’s Interbank announced support for Apple Pay last week, before removing the announcement from its website along with videos showing how customers could add their Visa credit card to Apple Wallet shortly afterwards, according to 9to5Mac.

Apple Pay published a Chilean support page in October 2021 following similar reports that customers of Banco di Chile were temporarily able to add their credit card to Apple Pay before the bank cancelled the option. The payments service has yet to confirm an official launch date in the country.

Apple Pay rolled out in Colombia and Costa Rica in November 2021, in Mexico in February 2021 and in Brazil in April 2018.

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