7-Eleven Japan trials holographic contactless self-checkout

7-Eleven Japan holographic contactless self-checkout in use
CONTACTLESS: Shoppers scan items and confirm the transaction on a ‘floating’ holographic screen

Customers at six 7-Eleven convenience stores in Tokyo, Japan, can now make cashless payments for their purchases by interacting with a holographic screen projected from a contactless self-checkout kiosk.

The retail giant is piloting a system that enables customers to scan the products they wish to buy and then select their preferred payment method and confirm the transaction on a ‘floating’ screen without needing to touch the self-checkout kiosk directly.

“The holographic displays are equipped with Neonode’s Touch Sensor Modules that make it possible to interact with the images projected by the holographic displays mid-air, in a similar way as you would do with a normal touch display,” Swedish technology provider Neonode says.

“The holographic self-checkout kiosks will accept only cashless payment methods, including credit cards, e-money cards and QR codes.”

A short video shows how the technology works.

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