A change of focus for NFCW’s list of NFC phones

When we started our NFC phones list it was a unique and valuable resource, the only reliable way to find out which new handsets came with NFC.

The market has evolved over the last decade as NFC technology became first widespread and then ubiquitous, and now almost all phones bar the very cheapest and most basic come with NFC.

At the same time, manufacturers are increasingly making NFC a feature which is available on some (otherwise identical) devices only in certain markets or from particular networks, which makes the value of the information we provide based on model names sometimes moot — for several years now we have had to advise readers to check specifications of devices with the manufacturer in their local market before committing to purchase.

Consequently, our NFC phones list is not the essential resource it once was. Given that we have finite resources, we feel that our editorial effort is better directed to other areas.

Going forward we will continue to add flagship devices from major manufacturers and other significant handsets to the list, but we won’t be cataloguing the legions of less popular or off-brand devices that are now becoming available.

You can check if your phone supports NFC using the instructions in our Does my phone have NFC? guide.

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