Kuwait International Bank rolls out contactless cash withdrawals across its ATM network

Person holding mobile phone at Kuwait International Bank ATM to make contactless cash withdrawal
CONTACTLESS ATM: Users can carry out transactions with a digital version of their KIB card on their phone

Customers of Kuwait International Bank (KIB) can now withdraw cash and conduct other transactions at the bank’s ATMs with a tap of their physical contactless KIB bank card or with a digital version stored on their NFC-enabled smartphone or wearable device.

KIB customers can “benefit from the bank’s ATM network in multiple ways, such as withdrawing and depositing cash, transferring money between accounts, managing PIN, and making cardless withdrawals using the civil ID and mobile number,” the bank says.

“Other services include settling KIB credit card payments, activating new cards, subscribing to the bank’s SMS service, redeeming cashback points, and topping up the KIB prepaid card.”

KIB launched contactless biometric payment cards in May.

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