Google Wallet to let users share digital event tickets and travel passes with other people

PUSH IT: Google Wallet users can send contactless credentials to other people – if the issuers allow it

Google Wallet users will soon be able to share contactless credentials stored in the app, including digital event tickets and travel passes, with other people.

The pass sharing function will enable users to “share some passes from their Google Wallet to someone else’s Google Wallet”, according to a Google support page.

The support page does not specify which passes users will be able to share but explains that “you can share a pass if it has Share above it” and that “once you share the link, the recipient can forward it to anyone”.

“After you’ve shared the link, you can’t unsend it,” the support page adds.

A Google spokesperson identified “event tickets and boarding passes” as examples of passes that users will be able to share, “though it’s up to the companies who issue passes through Google Wallet to enable the feature”, The Verge reports.

Google Wallet GM Jenny Cheng announced support for new types of contactless credentials including health insurance cards and employee IDs in June.

Apple also unveiled its Tap to Present ID API that will let businesses use standard iPhones to verify customers IDs last month.

Google originally launched its multipurpose digital wallet with support for digital IDs, tickets and payment cards in May 2022. 

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