Bandai to launch wearable NFC gaming and fitness wristband

Bandai wearable Vital Hero NFC gaming and fitness wristband on left with Batman wearing wristband on right
WEARABLE: The NFC wristband lets users pair with a digital version of Batman and add strengths and skills

Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America is to release a wearable gaming and fitness wristband that enables users to initiate battles with other players by tapping the band on NFC devices such as smartphones and games consoles.

The second iteration of Bandai’s Vital Hero wristband will allow users to pair with a digital version of the DC Comics super hero Batman and add strength and skills to the character by completing real-world fitness activities such as walking, sprinting and jumping.

Users can then enter their digital Batman into competitive gaming battles — either on their own or with other players — via an app that they access using NFC.

“The Vital Hero interactive band combines gaming and staying active in a rewarding way,” Bandai’s Tanya Sexton says.

“Kids have their favourite super hero Batman alongside them to complete missions and watch as Batman powers up to new levels.

“It’s a win for parents to have this gamified wearable band that keeps kids engaged and physically active.”

“Players will be able to save the day with DC’s Dark Knight through in-device battle or by joining others through the app, available to download on Android and iOS devices,” Bandai adds.

“Each Vital Hero band is compatible with an NFC device: phones, tap to pay stations, certain game consoles etc, and a battle will automatically start if you hover your band screen over the NFC device. Battle anywhere and strengthen your character.”

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