BMW lets riders unlock their motorcycle with their face or eye

BMW motorcycle face or eye biometric unlock panel on bike
BIOMETRICS: Riders select whether they want to unlock their vehicle with their face or their eye

Riders purchasing motorcycles in the BMW Motorrad Boxer range will soon be able to unlock their machine with their face when they are not wearing a helmet or with their eye if they already have their helmet on.

BMW’s iFace biometric face and eye recognition solution integrated into the motorcycle’s display uses 3D and infrared scanning technology and “operates as a dual system to achieve highest-level comfort and safety”, the vehicle manufacturer says.

Face recognition “is carried out by means of stripe projection, a technology that has been used for many years — for example, in reverse engineering. With the helmet removed, the face is scanned three-dimensionally and biometrically,” BMW explains.

“This three-dimensional image is compared with a data record stored in the system. If the calibration is positive, the ignition, steering lock and other locking functions are released and the rider can start the motorcycle. Since the 3D scan works with infrared scanning, this type of face recognition also works in the dark.”

The eye recognition function uses iris-cornea scanning and “enables the system to identify the rider even with the helmet on, as only the iris and cornea are scanned and compared with the data stored in the system”, BMW says.

“Here too, infrared technology ensures functional reliability even in absolute darkness. In addition, a special polarization filter enables the scanning process even through heavily tinted, and even mirrored visors, different types of glasses and contact lenses.

“The rider enters the type of visor and visual aid he is currently using in the display prior to the scanning process using the corresponding menu functions.”

The system will also report attempted thefts of an iFace-enabled motorcycle to the company’s eCall electronic emergency service and an international police database.

BMW will officially launch the solution “at one of the autumn motor shows in 2023”.

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