Singapore lets taxi and bus drivers store digital vocational licences on their smartphone

Singapore digital vocational licence on smartphone
DIGITAL LICENCE: People who drive for a living can now add a digital version of their licence to Singpass

Bus, taxi and private hire car drivers as well as school bus attendants in Singapore can now add a digital version of their vocational licence to the country’s Singpass app on their smartphone and use it to verify their identity and licence status, gain access to restricted areas and earn loyalty points when purchasing fuel.

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) is making the digital credential automatically available to current vocational licence holders and enabling them to access it directly from the app alongside other digital documentation such as their driving licence and national identity card.

“The introduction of the digital licence is part of the government’s efforts to digitalise more of its services to provide greater convenience to members of the public,” the LTA says.

“With the launch, it will be made complimentary to vocational licence holders. They will no longer need to worry about replacing lost or damaged physical cards as they can easily access it through the Singpass app.

“The digitalised vocational licences will also be accepted as identification for entry into places such as Jurong Island or restricted areas in Changi Airport, as well as petrol stations which offer loyalty programmes for vocational licence holders.”

Singapore enabled drivers to store a digital version of their driving licence on the Singpass app in March 2022.

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