Apple lets iPhone users present government-issued digital IDs in third-party apps

A screenshot showing Apple Wallet's ID verification feature in use
LICENCE TO SPILL: iPhone users can share details from their driver’s licence or state ID card to apps that require identity or age verification

iPhone and Apple Watch users in the US can now verify their identity in third-party apps with their digital driving licence or state ID card stored in Wallet.

Apple has added the functionality to its newly-released iOS 16 operating system, allowing users to respond to requests from third-party apps that support the feature when they are purchasing items such as airline tickets or alcohol that require age or identity verification by opting to share the requested information from a digital ID document held in Wallet.

“Users can simply tap a button to seamlessly present their driver’s licence or state ID information in apps that require identity or age verification,” Apple says.

“They’ll review the data that’s being requested, if the data will be stored and for how long.

“Their information will only be shared if authorised with Face ID or Touch ID.”

The US states of Arizona and Maryland currently support Apple digital IDs while Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah and the territory of Puerto Rico have also confirmed that they have plans to roll out the service.

Apple digital driving licences and state IDs went live in Arizona in March. 

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