Turkey mandates use of NFC identity checks for remote bank account opening

Consumers in Turkey wanting to open a bank account remotely will be able to do so via a video-based digital onboarding system that requires them to verify their identity using an NFC-enabled ID document, according to a new regulation issued by the country’s Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA).

Turkey Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) logo

The regulation — published in Turkey’s Official Gazette — lays out the criteria for a remote identification process that combines a live video call between the customer and a trained bank employee with the authentication of supporting ID documentation using NFC.

According to a clause in the regulation, “verification of the identity information on the chip of the identity document using near field communication means that the necessary match is achieved to determine the identity of the person from the identity document”. 

The NFC ID check will be valid as long as “the identity document used is given by the competent authority that issued the document and the information on the contactless chip of the document has not been changed” and “the keys on the contactless chip of the identity document are not created by copying”, the regulation says.

Customers will also be required to authenticate their presence during the video call with a one-time password sent by SMS.

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