NFC Forum explores the role of NFC in mobility-as-a-service applications

Pages from NFC Forum's ‘Management and Use of Identities in Mobility and Transport’
MAAS STRATEGIES: The 31-page document looks at NFC use cases for eID in transportation and mobility

The NFC Forum has published a paper laying out strategies for the use of NFC technology in the development and deployment of electronic identification (eID) by mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) platforms and multi-modal transportation services.

The ‘Management and Use of Identities in Mobility and Transport’ market requirements document (MRD) details the benefits that MaaS offers across transportation systems and explains why identity information is “the link that connects the various modes of transportation and their service operators in order to support MaaS and enable a seamless multi-leg and multi-modal journey for customers.”

The document also describes specific business processes and NFC use cases from the transportation and mobility sector, including the generation, consolidation and enhancement of customer identities, the maintenance and management of identities, and the provisioning of identities and ID attributes for use by MaaS platform partners and other transport service providers.

“Multi-modal travel and MaaS are global trends that will have customers demanding simplicity and security from the first to the last mile of every trip,” the NFC Forum’s Mike McCamon says.

“This MRD is focused on using NFC technology when deploying eID in MaaS application.”

“It’s a complex puzzle to deliver a MaaS solution based on a trustworthy eID,” he adds. “This NFC Forum document is expected to help guide these discussions and the tangible efforts needed to solve this puzzle.”

‘The Management and Use of Identities in Mobility and Transport MRD’ is a 31-page document and can be downloaded from the NFC Forum’s website.

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