Hyundai includes fingerprint payments sensor in new Genesis GV70 vehicles

Hyundai Genesis CarPay in car digital payments
IN-CAR PAYMENT: Drivers will be able to use Genesis CarPay plus an in-built fingerprint sensor to make payments

Drivers of Hyundai’s Genesis GV70 SUV will be able to make in-car payments for fuel and parking simply by touching a biometric sensor integrated with the vehicle’s infotainment system.

The feature will enable drivers to complete payments using the Genesis CarPay in-car digital payments system “by authenticating their fingerprints with a fingerprint sensor applied at the bottom of the start button instead of entering a six-digit password, which is the conventional method, at the step of authenticating themselves before payment,” according to Korean Car Blog.

Drivers will also be able to use the GV70’s fingerprint authentication system to activate customised settings and put the car in ‘valet’ mode to hide personal information when the vehicle is being driven by another person.

Genesis CarPay can currently be used to pay for fuel at SK outlets and for parking at Parking Cloud iParking lots across South Korea. It supports credit card payments made with Hyundai Card, Shinan Card, Samsung Card, Lotte Card and Hana Card.

Genesis says it plans to expand the range of merchants and payment providers supported by Genesis CarPay.

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