Contactless payment and instant credit ecosystem rolls out in UAE

Smartphones showing Empay contactless NFC and QR mobile payments
COMPREHENSIVE: Empay can now be used to make a wide range of in-app and in-store payments

Residents of the United Arab Emirates can now make in-app and in-store NFC and QR code-enabled contactless payments, international remittances, utility bill payments and P2P financial transfers and apply for instant credit using a single mobile payments app.

Emirates Payment Services developed and launched the Empay app within the UAE’s Smart Government framework, and describes it as “the world’s first contactless instant credit lifestyle payment ecosystem”.

“Empay is a culmination of government and private sector service payments, including a wide variety of payments and lifestyle services such as Dubai Economic Department License Renewal, all types of bill payments, food ordering from restaurants, education fee payments, international remittance, P2P micropayments and much more,” Emirates Payment Services says.

“In addition to this, Empay will provide instant credit facility to people who need funds for making various payments without having to visit any bank and complete formalities and paperwork.”

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and allows UAE residents to “register in just two minutes, and avail a Mastercard-powered digital card within the app”.

“The objective of the application is to offer a single platform for residents to make their day-to-day payments without the need of having multiple apps on their mobile phones for different payment requirements,” Emirates Payment Services’ Muna Al Qassab explains.

“We understand this model of payment solution is not only the need of the hour but will lead the way for all things digital in the times to come.”

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