Wearable payments specialist Tappy opens NFCW Expo showcase

Tappy's showcase at the NFCW Expo
TAPPY: Visit the wearable payment specialist’s showcase to learn about the latest market trends

NFCW EXPO: Canada-based Tappy Technologies’ showcase in the NFCW Expo is now open, featuring panel discussions exploring the future of wearable payments and a product demo of the tokenized payments technology that forms the backbone of Timex Pay.

Tappy’s wearable token service provider platform makes it possible for brands and card issuers to let consumers add their choice of payment card to watches, jewellery, fashion items, and more.


As well as the remotely-recorded product demo, the company’s showcase provides access to the Wearable Payment Summit, with speakers from Timex, Mastercard and Thales, and information on the company’s role in enabling the launch by State Bank of India and Titan of India’s first contactless payments watch.

A mobile-friendly QuickConnect box also makes it easy for NFCW Knowledge Centre members to contact the Tappy team for further information.

You can see Tappy’s showcase in the NFCW Expo here and find out more about opening your own exhibition booth here.