Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mauritius to increase contactless transaction limit

Mastercard contactless card and terminal
HIGHER LIMITS: Mastercard is enabling an increase in the contactless transaction limit in several African countries

Contactless transaction limits are being increased in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mauritius, Mastercard has announced.

In Kenya, the limit is being increased from KES 2,500 (US$23.51) to KES 3,500 (US$32.92) while Tanzania is raising it from TZS 55,000 (US$23.76) to TZS 80,000 (US$34.56).

In Uganda, the limit is increasing from UGX 90,000 (US$23.84) to UGX 135,000 (US$35.76) and in Mauritius it is going up from MUR 500 (US$12.72) to MUR 2,500 (US$63.61).

• Find full and up-to-date details of worldwide contactless limit increases in NFCW’s table of contactless transaction limit changes.

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