Australia doubles contactless transaction limit to A$200

The Australian payments industry has begun implementing an increase in the country’s contactless payments transaction limit, from A$100 (US$60) to A$200 (US$120).

The move is designed “to reduce the need for physical contact with the payment terminal,” AusPayNet says.

“From next week, consumers will begin to see an increasing number of retailers accepting contactless card payments without a PIN up to the new $200 limit.

“Given the sheer numbers of cards, payment terminals and organisations involved, the new limit will be progressively introduced across certain cards and at certain retailers, with major supermarkets expected to be among the first. When paying for purchases, customers should be guided by following the PIN pad prompts.”

“The new $200 limit is expected to apply for a three-month period and will be extended if required.”

Australian Payments Network

Supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths will be among the first to implement the increased limit, according to ITNews.

“The two grocery giants agitated strongly for the lift to the government, prevailing on global credit card schemes Mastercard and Visa as well as regulators and National Cabinet to raise the current $100 limit until the spread of the virus subsides,” the publication says.

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