Desjardins increases contactless limit for Canadian credit cardholders

Canadian financial services group Desjardins has increased the contactless transaction limit from C$100 (US$69.72) to C$250 ($174.31) “on Desjardins terminals for Desjardins credit cardholders.”

Desjardins“Desjardins credit cardholders can take advantage of the temporary increase in pharmacies, grocery stores and convenience stores,” the company says. “The change will affect a total of 6,000 merchants.”

“Depending on how the situation evolves, Desjardins may announce other measures, including a limit increase for Desjardins debit cardholders.”

“Desjardins is aware that its members and clients are concerned, and we’re actively helping to limit the spread and overall impact of Covid-19,” says CEO Guy Cormier.

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