National Bank of Georgia recommends contactless and mobile payments

National Bank of Georgia
GO CASHLESS: The National Bank of Georgia is urging citizens to use contactless and mobile payments

“Whenever possible, use cashless payments, contactless and mobile payments,” Georgia’s central bank has urged the country’s citizens.

“Since any item, including money, can be contaminated with bacteria or viruses, the National Bank of Georgia urges residents to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the National Center for Disease Control of Georgia when using cash,” it says.

These include:

  • After using banknotes and coins, carefully wash your hands before touching the food.
  • After contact with banknotes and coins, do not touch the face (eyes, nose, mouth) without hand washing.
  • Whenever possible, use cashless payments, contactless and mobile payments.
  • If possible, use remote banking.
  • Companies should periodically disinfect the surface of their point-of-sale terminals.

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