Domino’s lets online buyers skip the pickup line

Customers using Pie Pass mobile checkin to pick up pizzas
FASTER FOOD: Domino’s customers can now use their mobile phone to fast-track order pickup

Domino’s customers in the US can now use Pie Pass, a new service that lets buyers who place their order online or via the company’s app use a dedicated express pickup system when they collect their pizza.

Pie Pass lets customers use their mobile phone to check in to the store on arrival in the car park, Domino’s says, “which will give the store team members a head start on making sure the order is ready to go.

“The in-store digital menu board will welcome the customer by name, and store team members will be ready for a speedy handoff, making for a perfect pizza pickup.”

“We know that carryout customers value speed and simplicity, and that is exactly what they’ll receive with Pie Pass,” says chief innovation officer Dennis Maloney.

“Gone are the days of waiting for your carryout order — now when customers arrive at the store, they’ll be greeted by name on our digital signage and handed their order.

“It’s the ultimate VIP carryout experience where customers don’t have to be a regular customer to be treated like one.”

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