Chevron lets drivers pay with Venmo at the pump

3 screenshots of Chevron mobile app
PAYMENT FLEXIBILITY: Chevron’s mobile app now supports Venmo P2P payments

Chevron has added support for PayPal’s Venmo P2P payments service to its Chevron and Texaco mobile apps, making it possible for drivers to share or split their fuel purchases with passengers.

“Chevron updated its branded mobile applications to offer consumers access to Venmo to pay for fuel and car washes at the pump from their mobile devices,” says Chevron’s Bill Miner.

“Enabling Venmo as a payment method within our app is key in our quest to help create a new fuelling experience for consumers,” Miner explains.

“With Venmo’s popularity among consumers and our presence in retail fuelling, more consumers will be able to use the payment methods they prefer in our mobile apps to fill up with our high-quality Chevron- and Texaco-branded fuels.”

“The addition of Venmo continues our strategy to inject innovation into retail fuel transactions to help provide customers with flexibility and seamless interaction with our brands.”

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