Venmo adds branded animated emojis to payment messages

Venmo P2P animated stickers including Subway and Ikea
CUSTOM DESIGNED: Venmo users can now add animated emojis to their payment transactions

US P2P payments app Venmo is adding support for a suite of custom-designed animated emojis that can be used “when paying, splitting and sharing payments” and include branded options from both Subway and Ikea.

“More than 90% of Venmo transactions contain emojis today, and now there will be new and evolving content from which to choose to help users share the perfect story with friends,” Venmo says.

The animated emojis have been custom-designed by Holler and will use the visual messaging specialist’s keyword suggestion technology to recommend stickers to users “based on payment notes”.

“We’ll be working with some of our customers’ favourite companies to bring custom branded stickers to the feed, which will allow for tailored experiences,” Venmo adds.

“Now, splitting a sandwich can become splitting the Veggie Delight from Subway, and a trip to Ikea can turn into a visual representation of the time spent roaming the aisles with your roommates to pick out furniture for your new spot.”

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