Discover begins US contactless card rollout

Contactless Discover It card being tapped on payment terminal
TAP AND PAY: Contactless cards are being issued to Discover More and Discover It customers

Discover is to begin issuing contactless payment cards “for most” of its Discover It and Discover More cardmembers “who need cards reissued or replaced” this month and, from December, will start issuing contactless cards to new Discover cardholders.

“Contactless technology has become increasingly popular with our cardmembers and more accepted by merchants worldwide, and we want to deliver the best shopping experience to our cardmembers,” says Szabolcs Paldy, senior vice president of marketing at Discover.

“The goal of this digital technology is to make payments fast, easy and secure, and give cardmembers more choices in how they pay.”

“Our D-PAS technology will allow Discover cardmembers to use their contactless cards instantly at millions of merchants across the globe,” adds Andrew Hopkins, Discover’s senior vice president of global products.

“By leveraging the latest payment technologies, we are able to provide more convenient payment experiences for our cardmembers.”

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