Eight in ten consumers now use mobile payments in South Korea

Samsung Pay in the UK

Convenience and not having to carry physical cash or cards are the two primary reasons behind the mass adoption of mobile payments in South Korea, where a new poll has found that 79.1% of consumers have used a mobile payments service at least once in the past six months.

“About eight out of 10 respondents said they opted for the easy payment system via mobile devices due to its convenience,” Pulse News reports.

“The second most common reason, with [a] 42.2% response rate, was no need to carry physical cash or plastic cards, followed by promotional benefits (35%) and simple registration (34.1%).”

Adoption is highest among women (87.3%) and those in their 30s (85.7%). Six in 10 users (60.5%) said they would be willing to increase their use of mobile payments further while only 0.9% said they would cut down.

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