KBC app enables customers to link number plates for easy parking payment

Car entering Q-Park using KBC mobile banking app
FAST PARKING: Automatic plate recognition and payment at Q-Park sites via KBC mobile banking app

Belgian Bank KBC has added two new services to its mobile banking app enabling customers to pay automatically for car parking and to hire bicycles.

Users can now link their vehicle’s number plate to their KBC Mobile banking app so payment is automatically taken when they use a Q-Park car park. A camera at the car park entrance reads the plate as the vehicle approaches and lifts the barrier. The plate is read again when the vehicle leaves and the current account linked to it is debited automatically with the correct fee.

Customers can also use the app to rent a shared bike from Blue-bike or Velo Antwerpen without having to set up a separate account with the service provider, Olympus Mobility.

Other third-party services to be added to KBC’s mobile app include starting a car parking session and paying via the 4411 parking service, checking meal and eco voucher balances on a Monizze card and paying for transport tickets.

“These two new additional services will once again save our customers a lot of time. Just link your number plate once to park with ease in no time. Or rent a shared bike for the day at the last minute to cycle the last part of your journey,” says Karin Van Hoecke, KBC’s general manager of digital transformation in Belgium.

She adds: “Over a million customers use KBC Mobile and log in at least once a day.

“Additional third-party services available through our KBC Mobile app since last year are already a success. That’s certainly helped by the fact that customers can use them without having to install a separate app.

“Figures for the end of February 2019 speak for themselves: 181,000 parking sessions via 4411, 182,000 De Lijn public transport tickets and 60,500 SNCB train tickets.”

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